Community Hui Update

Tēnā koutou and thank you to everyone who attended our recent community gathering (also known as a ‘hui’). The turnout  was great and represented a broad cross-section of the Waiheke community actively involved in Waiheke predator control and conservation work.

Community Hui attendees listen to a presentation by Mary Frankham

Community Hui attendees listen to a presentation by Mary Frankham

An environmental vision for Waiheke

To start things off, hui attendees were asked, “What do you want Waiheke to look like in 20 years’ time?” Past and present visions for Waiheke’s natural environment were considered and it’s important to acknowledge the significant work already done in this space. The Waiheke Collective wishes to build and expand on this rich history.

Themes that emerged aligned with past visions and included the desire for a resilient and thriving natural environment alongside a diverse, supportive and connected community. The creation of a sustainable, real and resilient economy was also identified.

Waiheke Collective and Predator Free Waiheke

The founding participants of the Waiheke Collective were introduced (more details can be found on our About Us page) as well as the newly-appointed chairperson of the Predator Free Waiheke governance board, Grant Leach.

Grant outlined the links between the community’s vision for the environment and the Collective’s first big project - Predator Free Waiheke. The significance of such an ambitious project for Waiheke was also highlighted.  Mary Frankham (HGCT Trustee) spoke on behalf of the Collective and updated the community on the grant application to Predator Free New Zealand and project plans.    The link to the full presentation is on our About Us page .

Panel Discussion

The final portion of the hui was a  panel discussion where panel members answered questions  on predator control and the Predator Free Waiheke project.   Answers to the questions raised during the panel discussion have been included on the Predator Free Waiheke website under FAQs .

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