Waiheke Collective Predator Free in action


The Collective has an open membership and is keen to have as many of the island’s ecological restoration groups and individuals join.

There is plenty you can do to help. From reporting Mustelid sightings to undertaking your own predator control and Joining a community pest control group.


Do predator control on your own land

Checkout our resources and identifying predators pages for more details on predator control. The Predator Free Trust also has great advice on predator control methods for landowners.


Join a community pest control group

These groups are already actively controlling rodents, and a few are controlling both mustelids and rodents on Waiheke. We know at least 30% of Waiheke is under active rodent control. We are sure this number is much higher with many more unrecorded projects, individuals and landowners undertaking pest animal control.

These groups are always looking for new volunteers.


Report a mustelid  (stoats, ferrets and weasels) sighting

Have you seen any mustelids on Waiheke? Use our form to report any sightings.


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