Predator Free Waiheke
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Our goal is for Waiheke Island to be free of mustelidS and rats by 2025


'Te Korowai o Waiheke - Towards Predator Free Waiheke' is the culmination of many people’s vision to protect and restore the vulnerable native species (e.g. North Island kaka, grey-faced petrel, little blue penguin) that already call Waiheke home, in the first instance, by eradicating the key two predators remaining on the island. 

Waiheke Island represents an unparalleled opportunity for predator eradication over a diverse landscape of communities and natural environments. It will have a far-reaching profile both within NZ and internationally as it would be one of the first populated islands to become predator free.




Rats and mustelids prey on our vulnerable native wildlife including birds, lizards and invertebrates. Rats and stoats are able to climb so can reach nests with eggs and chicks in them. They are rapid breeders and have successfully colonised our land. To protect our wildlfife for future generations we must remove these threats form our environment


DOC’s Threatened Species Ambassador Nicola Toki explains it best “True kaitiakitanga and guardianship of our native wildlife is making sure that our birds, reptiles and invertebrates have a safe place to live. The key to getting it right is to hold onto empathy for other living things along the way.”